The Carrie Diaries DIY splatter purse

Saturday, February 15, 2014

I'm not the only one completely addicted to "The Carrie Diaries", in saying that I can't be the only one lusting after a replica of Carrie's nail polish splatter purse. The story goes, the black satchel belonged to carrie's mother before she passed away and carrie has become very attached to it for that exact reason. One day carries sister Dorrit borrows the purse and somehow a bottle of white nail polish leaks and leaves a giant white splotch on the purse. Of course carrie becomes quite upset (as we all would), and decides to fix it....creating the iconic nail polish splatter purse!!!

After much research trying to find a good copy I found that the few replicas for sale online (check etsy) are not really up to my standard, so my only choice was to DIY it.

What you will need

  • Black satchel (any will do but I found a similar one at Urban Outfitters)
  • Nail polish (white, red, pink & green)
  • Newspaper (so you don't get nail polish everywhere)
  • Pencil (white preferably)
  • Picture of carries bag (if you want to copy the lines and spots)


  • Lay newspaper down and place satchel on top
  • Start with the white polish (either use the brush or pour it carefully out the bottle)
  • Repeat with red and green polish
  • Once dry, write with white pencil, the name "Carrie" or any other name
  • Paint over the pencil with pink polish